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Carol's Story: Son murdered


Son murdered by unknown attacker

Published: 10/07/2023

An 80-year-old lady named Carol who lived with her only son, Peter, until he was murdered by an unknown attacker. Carol now lives alone after the very sad loss of her son. She lives in a remote area and, although she does have some family they do not live near, she has disclosed that she feels ‘lonely and isolated’ at times.

Her son Peter was about to get her a laptop or iPad and get her internet so she could connect with her family easier.

She wanted to receive and store pictures of her grandchildren. She’s mentioned that she is saving her pension in order to buy one now. 

In light of her circumstances, please can Smileforjoel help Carol?

How SmileForJoel helped...

Smileforjoel purchased an iPad for Carol.

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