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In loving memory of

Joel, Pat, Ade


and all those who never came home

We are

We are a fundraising charity supporting families torn apart by murder and terrorism, raising awareness to safety abroad and the Prevent programme.

“We have received amazing love and support from family and friends which helped us through the darkest of times and we are immensely grateful for that. There are people out there who don’t have a network around them.”

Why SmileForJoel was born ?

About Us

Supporting families

Our support is diverse - We help families who desperately need it. This includes:-

  • Time-out for the family
  • Special counselling
  • Help buying gifts
  • Providing that special present

We continue to be supported by family members, friends and our community Not every family has that love and support. That’s where we can help.


Making smiles 1

All money donated to our charity supports bereaved families affected by murder and manslaughter across England and Wales. Your generosity means we can help families cope with their ordeal and smile again. We do this by providing respite, including a much-needed short break holiday to help families strengthen their relationship. We provide financial assistance to help pay for necessary items such as utility bills and special gifts for families who are financially impacted by their loss. Our support is varied from counselling to school uniforms, dance lessons to washing machines. Our aim is to make families feel loved and not alone #makingsmiles

  • £75 could help a struggling child with a gift,
  • £130 could help a child access two sessions of equine therapy.
  • £400 could pay for a family break to spend quality time together.

We would like to say a big thank you for all your donations, which make SmileForJoel possible.

Safety before
a sale2

SmileForJoel is working with the UK travel industry, ABTA and the Foreign Office to raise awareness for safety abroad.

Post covid we are now more familiar with checking FCDO (Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office) travel advice for Covid - but remember their advice covers much more about your chosen travel destination.

  • Travel Advice
  • Safety & Security
  • Terrorism
  • Local Laws & Customs
  • Entry Requirements
  • Health
  • Money

You must always seek this advice before you decide on your holiday destination, your Abta travel agent will signpost this for you. To keep up to date with travel advice please read the FCDO Travel Advice website and sign up for your chosen destination. This provides travel advice for 226 countries and must be checked before you book any travel arrangements and should be continued to be checked before departure.

SmileForJoel are campaigning that all U.K. travel companies improve/monitor security standards in overseas hotels. We want to make it mandatory that hotels must have a robust critical incident policy in place and hotel/resort staff must be regularly trained on it.

Travel Tips: -

  1. Check FCDO for your chosen destination and keep checking by signing up for your chosen destination. Foreign Travel Advice
  2. Book through an ABTA travel agent to provide you with that extra layer of support and guidance.
  3. Check is your passport still valid, or do you need to renew? EU Rules have changed.
  4. Take adequate holiday insurance out at the time of booking. Ask your ABTA travel agent for details.
  5. Keep important documents, E Tickets, holiday confirmation, insurance and a picture of your passport on your phone.
  6. If travelling solo, share your itinerary with family/ friend in the U.K.

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What is Prevent?3

‘Prevent’ stops people from being drawn into criminal activity and offers a way out of extremism. It is rooted in a programme of support, delivered locally by teachers, healthcare practitioners, social workers, the police, charities, psychologists and religious leaders. It works in a similar way to other safeguarding processes designed to protect people from gangs, drug abuse, and physical and sexual exploitation.

The community Prevent programme is one of the four elements of our country’s counter terrorism strategy. It exists to stop people being drawn into terrorism

Prevent 1 Prevent 2
Prevent 3 Prevent 4

Too often we see young people in the UK being jailed for terrorism offences – often after being groomed online. This needs to stop. We know that early intervention is the most effective strategy to prevent hate escalating into something even more serious. But it requires parents, friends and families to help us by looking out for their loved ones and sharing any concerns about radicalisation. By working together as communities, we can save lives and defeat terrorism.

Chief Superintendent Nik Adams, National Co-ordinator for Prevent

For more information go to and

The popular Channel 4 soap opera ‘Hollyoaks’ featured a storyline about radicalisation. A short video has been produced which follows the radicalisation journey of one of the characters. It also explores his experience with Prevent. The video is available to view here.

Together wE Achieve More

SmileForJoel are driven towards supporting local communities and schools within the Midlands to support the National Prevent programme. We work with West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit as guest speakers supporting Prevent. Our long term aim is to provide school workshops for children and adults discussing empathy and kindness.

Prevent must be a priority for everyone in our community, and is our most important strategy to tackle radicalisation and protect our most vulnerable.

We are very proud that our charity has won awards, including the most recent, Winner of Pride of Birmingham Charity 2020.

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SmileForJoel welcomes your support with our fundraising events and challenges.

If you wish to know more about SmileForJoel, or have any questions, please use the contact form.

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