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8th Anniversary


Today marks the 8th Anniversary of the most horrific tragedy in not only Owen’s and my life, but many many more.

Published: 26/06/2023

Today marks the 8th Anniversary of the most horrific tragedy in not only Owen’s and my life, but many many more. The day our lives changed for ever. We will never forget our 38 innocent loved ones who were killed on holiday. 

Losing Joel at just 19, with so many dreams to achieve, my amazing brother Ade and loving Dad is still hard to accept. Every single day, birthday, anniversary is a struggle and still so raw. Losing them we thought was hard, but learning to live without them is even harder. We have ups and downs, but we channel all our energy into #Smileforjoel 

I personally find this wonderful charity a support to me and the work we do is so important. I truly can’t thank you all enough for your continued support. 


The story so far, since setting up #Smileforjoel we have now reached out to over a 1000 family members across the U.K. affected by murder. Paying for short break holidays, furnishings, white goods and therapy are just some of the weekly requests we get. 


8 years on we are still fighting to make changes to make your holiday safer. Lessons must be learnt!

 Going on holiday is what we all work for, happy family time to relax. Our campaign #SafetyBeforeaSale is so important. 

We believe tour operators & hoteliers must implement robust SECURITY checks for all customers, not just Health & Safety, and our law needs changing. We promise to continue our work to support families affected and raise awareness to holiday safety 


We will never forget our personal loss and so thankful of all the amazing memories of Joel, Ade and Dad. 

They are alive because they live in our hearts everyday. 

God bless you all today. 

Suzy & Owen

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