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Why SmileForJoel was born

Suzy, Joel & Owen’s mom writes with love:

After losing three very precious family members in June 2015, during the Tunisian terror attacks our supportive loyal and loving family will never be the same. We are shattered, broken and every day is a colossal struggle for not having them here with us.

To go from a family of six to three is an unbearable pain and has left an emptiness that we know will never go away. In the midst of this heartache I am determined to stand strong for my remaining family and like any Mom would I want to strive to make Owen’s life the best I can, especially after he was the sole survivor in my family on that fateful day.

I am also determined to not let the lives of my son Joel, my dad Pat and my brother Ade be forgotten. I want their names and beautiful caring ways to live on forever through their legacy. I want to make a difference in their name for others who have experienced losing someone they love in such a heart-breaking way.

My son and I decided, we want to make a difference so SmileForJoel was set up as a fundraising charity to support and help shattered and broken families who are victims of traumatic bereavement. We give direct support to families who desperately need it.

Our support is very diverse:

  • Time-out for the family
  • Special counselling
  • Help buying gifts
  • Providing that special present
Not every family has the love and support we have had from our family and friends. Even and now we continue to be supported by those family members, friends and our community. We want to pass this on.

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SmileForJoel welcomes your support with our fundraising events and challenges.

If you wish to know more about SmileForJoel, or have any questions, please use the contact form.

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