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Passport to Travel Advice

Travelling is an education, it’s exciting and an adventure - whether it’s leisure, visiting family and friends or business, we must be aware of the safety of a destination.

Travel Advice

Before you book a holiday the first step is to check the FCDO travel advise Foreign travel advice - GOV.UK for your chosen destination.

FCDO cover very important information such as……

  • Entry requirements including Health, Visa & Passports
  • Natural Disaster including Extreme Weather
  • Customs & Laws
  • Safety & Security including Civil and political unrest.
  • Terrorism Incidents/ Threats

These are just some of guidelines that you need to be aware of and important advice that could change at no notice.

Only 1/3 travellers checked travel advice before they travelled, this is scary. We hope Post-Covid travellers are now much more aware and know that they MUST check travel advice before they book and leading up to their planned travel arrangements.

The FCDO website covers a wide range of valuable, information. It also includes where to get help when away and where to find details of the British embassy, high commission or consulate for the country you are travelling.

‘The FCDO also uses the following assessment of risk when advising British people against travel:

  • Green - See our travel advice
  • Amber - Advise against all but essential travel
  • Red - Advise against all travel.

These levels are not only countrywide and may apply only to specific regions or areas.’

Tip! Sign up for alerts for your destination


Terrorism Threat

In the case of terrorism threats abroad the FCDO will advise against travel where there are situations of extreme and imminent danger and the risk for British Nations is server.

Remember If the FCDO says only essential travel is advised then it is up to you to decide on your own personal level of safety.

However if you are travelling against FCDO advice your travel insurance may become invalid.

Travel Companies take FCDO advice seriously and may postpone or cancel your holiday.

It will be up to your tour operator or transport provider if refunds are given. Our advice would be to contact your ABTA travel agent who will assist in supporting you with this.

The Package Travel states you are entitled to a refund or alternative holiday if there has been a significant change since you booked your holiday.

#Passport to safe travel


Check FCDO for your chosen destination and keep checking.


Book through an ABTA travel agent to provide you with that extra layer of support and guidance


Check is your passport still valid, or do you need to renew? EU Rules have changed.


Take adequate holiday insurance out at the time of booking. Ask your ABTA travel agent for details.


Keep important documents, E Tickets, holiday confirmation, insurance and a picture of your passport on your phone.


If travelling solo, share your itinerary with family/ friend in the U.K.

Holidays are to relax and unwind but remember, don’t drop your guard.

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